E-commerce Data Analysis: Data-driven Marketing and Buying Strategies


When making the leap from small business to structured reality, what qualifies an e-commerce as functional is knowing how to work using Data Analysis. Whether it’s analytics for marketing, or data reading for market and merchandise acquisition, everything has to contribute critically to brand growth. An MBK Fincom best practice analysis explains the concept of […]

Local SEO for e-commerce, is it really necessary?


Since the implementation of Pigeon, Big G’s search algorithm has made the management of local SEO much easier, especially on the editorial side. All those businesses that previously had to struggle with semantics to get the top geolocalised position have now had to work on redefining their business. However, this does not seem to have […]

Building a tangible reality for your labels: Minimum Viable Brand(ing)


Based on the practice of the minimum viable product, the Minimum Viable Brand(ing) [MVB] paradigm outlines the fundamental characteristics to launch a brand in the market. While it is complex for structured companies to follow, for start-ups and private labels it is one of the best ways to start making your way in the market. […]

Latest growing product trends: Design Bathroom Furniture


The change in lifestyle in recent years has had a clear influence on the way we manage our domestic spaces. In fact, since the home is no longer just the evening meeting place after work, attention to detail has also invested spaces that were previously exempt. So think about how bathroom furniture may have been […]

Latest growing product trends: Eco-friendly lighting

illuminazione green eco sostenibile MBK Fincom ProduceShop

After the winter holidays, MBK Fincom resumes its market research on the most interesting product trends and the most popular categories. This month, in the wake of the Christmas season, we talk about Eco-sustainable Lighting; a clear indication that something is changing, not only in the choices of users, but also in the practices of […]

Latest growing product trends: the Wellness and Care macro-sector

wellness care benessere fitness salute estetica MBK fincom ProduceShop

Despite the setback represented by the Covid19 pandemic and countless closures, this specific product sector has seen unexpected growth over the past year. From the decrease in aesthetic needs (lockdowns and masks), to the increase in awareness; the growth of the Wellness and Care market shows us that people want to feel good and look […]

Black Friday: latest marketing and sales trends

black friday analisi trend marketing commerciali cyber monday MBK Fincom ProduceSHop

Every year for some time now, almost all businesses offer a (further) special discount day: Black Friday. The origin of this event is well known to many, but marketing is a different matter. Promoting a business among many on a day when competition is at its fiercest is complex and requires specific measures. Let’s take […]

CX, CXM, CXS, CJ: All the acronyms and formulas for a winning Customer Experience

customer experience cx cxm cxs cj cjm MBK Fincom ProduceShop

Marketing that focuses on the product, on the much-celebrated ‘quality’, is dead. Today, selling means offering an experience; at the same time, this implies enhancing an experience, which is that of the customer himself. This is why designing your own Customer Experience Management strategy is no longer an alternative, but a necessity for every brand. […]

Latest growing product trends: Gaming Furniture

gaming furniture MBK Fincom ProduceShop

The growth of a micro-sector that for a long time was relegated to a mere cross-selling policy, has now decreed the birth of a new macro-area of merchandise: the Gaming segment, in fact, has expanded from a purely tech declination to include furnishings. Let’s see how it has developed in such a short time, and […]

Latest growing product trends: Babycare and Childhood

babycare prodotti infanzia MBK FINCOM PRODUCESHOP

The Babycare segment, extended to early childhood (0-8 years), is one of the most complex to analyse; it is a very fragmented customer base, with fluctuating standards of development. The data being studied are nevertheless interesting, because they reflect not only a market trend, but a whole series of social considerations. MBK Fincom has taken […]