MBK Fincom - Our Vision Great Business

Vision is Business

The MBK Story

Founded in 2015, MBK FINCOM SA is a company specialising in the production and online retail of interior and exterior furniture components throughout Switzerland and Europe.

Created with the intention of simplifying customers’ lives through the ProduceShop e-commerce, the company provides prompt delivery of classic, modern and contemporary furniture from the most prestigious brands. We combine this with our own production for indoor, outdoor and office spaces, employing teams dedicated to furniture components for all home-living spaces.

MBK FINCOM SA’s high quality manufacturing equipment has made it one of the most established companies on the international scene of interior design furnishing, and in just a few years it has become a reference point of excellence in this sector thanks to the quality of our e-commerce service, our human resources and the technologies we use.

Together with our partners, we create and market reliable, functional designer collections. We guarantee compliance with the rules and regulations in effect regarding quality, safety and industrial and intellectual property rights.

In pursuit of an ethical development that follows nature’s biological cycles, we prioritise innovation and new technology to make manufacturing and distribution as low-impact as possible, investing in research into environmentally sustainable systems, designs and resources.

We firmly believe in fair, open and equitable competition, which for us represents a factor of economic and social progress, driving price and quality in favour of the consumer. Therefore we strictly adhere to the regulations applicable to competition in all the markets in which we operate, keeping costs at competitive levels.

We rely on a carefully selected chain of suppliers to ensure timely delivery on all deadlines. Our distribution network includes hundreds of qualified employees and suppliers who work directly or indirectly for us and our commercial ventures.

Our commercial growth is carefully planned and controlled, allowing us to implement new business concepts with a staff of professionals committed to cutting-edge digital projects.

MBK Fincom - Our Vision Great Business
Our Mission
Customer satisfaction is the main asset of a company.

Every day we aim at the maximum satisfaction of our customers, by providing products that fully meet their expectations: our mission is to offer the best products available and help our customers fulfil their furnishing requirements with professionalism and competence.

Our entrepreneurial commitment is the dedication with which we offer excellent service, top quality and continuous improvement.

Our great success in the market relies on the trust of our customers, employees and business partners: we have built such loyalty over time by conducting our business according to strict ethical principles and values.


The ProduceShop e-commerce platform offers a commercial distribution service throughout Europe: since its launch, our website has rapidly developed, extending its commercial activity from Switzerland to the major European markets with 1.8 million customers.

MBK Fincom - Our Vision Great Business
MBK Fincom - Our Vision Great Business

International expansion has led our Company to considerably expand the range of products available, recording a growing trend within the main European marketplaces since its launch.

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