MBK Fincom and Treedom: a gift for our planet3 min read

A forest? More! ProduceShop’s commitment to the planet and nature has no limits.

In our continuous journey towards improvement, we have decided to renew our partnership with Treedom, planting another forest in the world. But the growth on the green side does not stop there.

When choosing a partner for its Sustainability and Responsibility initiatives, MBK Fincom has now decided that Treedom is one of the most important players in the segment.

The projects of this innovative reality are storytelling of collaboration and perseverance, friendship and commitment, creating groups of companies, professionals and individuals sharing a common goal: the preservation of our planet.

In continuing our line, we decided to expand the ProduceShop Forest project this year, planting over 700 trees in Africa, South America and Asia. We then decided to offer our customers the opportunity to follow the trees, to participate in their growth and in the villages they will support, to share together the progress and the good given by this important initiative.

Why with Treedom

We chose a partner that would not only communicate a mission, but above all would convey an image of reliability, seriousness and freshness. To date, Treedom is the only certified online platform that allows you to plant one or more trees at a distance in different parts of the world.

Moreover, by following your user profile, you can observe the entire life course of the tree and the community that will take care of it.

Because planting a fruit tree is not only an opportunity to fight pollution. By entrusting the plant directly to local farmers, one contributes on a social level, bringing environmental benefits as well as economic ones.

An all-round commitment

Commitment to the environmental cause is not just about taking care of the green. The battle for more sustainable development is made up of many small gestures, practices and good habits.

This includes choosing business partners who share our philosophy on production and procurement, with a focus on materials (recycled plastic or FSC-certified wood), rationalized transport and best practices in offices and everyday life.

With a view to continuous improvement, we continue to monitor our own results; our platform ProduceShop has a cleaner environmental footprint than almost 70 per cent of the digital realities of the moment, ranking among the so-called ‘sustainable pages‘.

A commitment for all

The earth we stand on is just a small blue dot in the universe, but it is the one blue dot that we must try to safeguard, care for and love.

Thinking green is not enough, we must ‘act green‘. Each of us can do something from here.

We will continue our commitment, with Treedom and with trusted partners. You can help us grow, and do your best to move forward in achieving a better world, for everyone.

Every gesture is a great gesture.

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