Green Economy and Brand Activism: a real commitment

Is it possible to make a profit by pursuing sustainable policies? It certainly is. The Green Economy is not just a marketing trend; it is a real and active commitment that companies are putting on their agenda in tandem with various national governments. While production and energy supply systems were already being questioned at the […]

Smart Working VS Office, i. e. Flexible Productivity VS Sociality

smart working ufficio lavoro stress MBK Fincom ProduceShop

The last couple of years have brought a radical change in working habits; the need to be distant has made what is (incorrectly) called Smart Working indispensable. There are many advantages and, to some extent, obvious, but what many tend to overlook are some disadvantages and difficulties that can arise. Beyond the implications on physical […]

Yolo, Fomo, and the emotional purchase of Generation Z

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Two sides of the same coin: buying habits and social behaviour. They are both dictated by deficit behavioural biases, which lead an entire Generation Z to an increasingly growing purchasing habit. Behaviours on which many contemporary brands have built their fortunes. From wanting to live the moment to not being able to lose anything. The group […]

The e-commerce results: “Covid Effect” or natural evolution?

covid and ecommerce

If 2020 represented, especially in the first two quarters, a year of concern, of shelter and of habit abandonment, 2021 can rightfully be considered the year of rebirth. A global recovery after months of difficulty: this is the phenomenon we are all witnessing, in the dual role of spectator and actor. The pandemic emergency has […]