Sentiment analysis in a data-driven company

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Choosing your business path is a step that precedes the entire settlement of your business. Data-driven companies already know that among the vast amount of data to be analysed, the most important to be taken into consideration are those relating to user sentiment. MBK Fincom, which since its foundation has been involved in data analysis […]

Conversational e-commerce, how to properly invest in retention

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When we talk about Conversational Commerce (and in this case e-commerce), we usually think about the stages of the Customer Journey that should lead to a conversion. Yet the greatest strength of this mindset remains in its potential for customer retention. Let’s read a bit about this from MBK’s research. If there is one thing […]

CX, CXM, CXS, CJ: All the acronyms and formulas for a winning Customer Experience

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Marketing that focuses on the product, on the much-celebrated ‘quality’, is dead. Today, selling means offering an experience; at the same time, this implies enhancing an experience, which is that of the customer himself. This is why designing your own Customer Experience Management strategy is no longer an alternative, but a necessity for every brand. […]