MBK Fincom and Treedom: a gift for our planet


A forest? More! ProduceShop’s commitment to the planet and nature has no limits. In our continuous journey towards improvement, we have decided to renew our partnership with Treedom, planting another forest in the world. But the growth on the green side does not stop there. When choosing a partner for its Sustainability and Responsibility initiatives, […]

ProduceShop sells your products in Dropshipping: that’s how


If you have a product to sell but lack a platform, we have a solution: Dropshipping. What is it and how does it work? Let’s find out together this way of selling and buying. If you are a manufacturer or supplier of items that you think are in line with our catalogue, we have good […]

E-commerce Data Analysis: Data-driven Marketing and Buying Strategies


When making the leap from small business to structured reality, what qualifies an e-commerce as functional is knowing how to work using Data Analysis. Whether it’s analytics for marketing, or data reading for market and merchandise acquisition, everything has to contribute critically to brand growth. An MBK Fincom best practice analysis explains the concept of […]

Job Hopping and the new generation: how to avoid too frequent changes in the company


Increasingly common here too, after having taken hold overseas, the phenomenon of job hopping is now becoming, for many young workers, synonymous with ‘no compromise’. And yet, despite its diffusion, analysts and research agree on the risk of not always positive repercussions, worker and recruiter side. In the article, an analysis of the phenomenon and […]

Local SEO for e-commerce, is it really necessary?


Since the implementation of Pigeon, Big G’s search algorithm has made the management of local SEO much easier, especially on the editorial side. All those businesses that previously had to struggle with semantics to get the top geolocalised position have now had to work on redefining their business. However, this does not seem to have […]

Building a tangible reality for your labels: Minimum Viable Brand(ing)


Based on the practice of the minimum viable product, the Minimum Viable Brand(ing) [MVB] paradigm outlines the fundamental characteristics to launch a brand in the market. While it is complex for structured companies to follow, for start-ups and private labels it is one of the best ways to start making your way in the market. […]

Latest growing product trends: Design Bathroom Furniture


The change in lifestyle in recent years has had a clear influence on the way we manage our domestic spaces. In fact, since the home is no longer just the evening meeting place after work, attention to detail has also invested spaces that were previously exempt. So think about how bathroom furniture may have been […]

Gilde Buy Out Partners joins forces with Founders and Management of MBK Fincom

gilde buy out partners joins MBK Fincom ProduceShop

Funds advised by Gilde Buy Out Partners (“Gilde”) today announced the completion of the investment in MBK Fincom (“MBK” or the “Company”), alongside the founders and management which are reinvesting in the business. With this transaction funds advised by Ardian will exit their minority investment.The terms of the agreement have not been disclosed. MBK is […]

Sentiment analysis in a data-driven company

Sentiment analysis MBK Fincom ProduceShop

Choosing your business path is a step that precedes the entire settlement of your business. Data-driven companies already know that among the vast amount of data to be analysed, the most important to be taken into consideration are those relating to user sentiment. MBK Fincom, which since its foundation has been involved in data analysis […]